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Creative Director

Michael Godshall

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Social responsibility

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Project type

Charitable Support

The Reebok program, a collaboration between Reebok, Yellowbrick, APB, and JFF, recently completed its inaugural online education and mentorship initiative. Aimed at individuals aged 17-20 aspiring to enter the sneaker industry, the program selected 36 participants through a rigorous national submission process. Over 12 weeks, students engaged in online instruction combining Yellowbrick's Sneaker Essentials course with mentorship from Reebok and APB leaders. Participants developed skills in sneaker design, production, sales, marketing, and retail strategies, culminating in the creation and launch of a Reebok sneaker designed by three students: Isaac Reeves, Ashley Hamilton, and Ben Gass. Additionally, the three students collaborated to develop a shoe for production and sale through APB. Despite pandemic-related challenges, the students navigated the entire process from design to production, with proceeds from sales going towards funding future iterations of the program. The initiative received praise for its dedication to skill-building, mentorship, and career exploration within the creative sector, reflecting a commitment to social and economic advancement.

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