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Our team at Translation orchestrated the partnership between State Farm and LeBron James, revolutionizing insurance marketing by authentically connecting with a younger demographic through innovative campaigns and a dedicated microsite. This collaboration not only increased brand awareness and engagement but also attracted the attention of industry leaders like McDonald's, leading to further opportunities for impactful advertising endeavors.


State Farm Insurance, a well-established company, faced the challenge of reaching and engaging with a younger demographic that often overlooked the importance of insurance and the value of having a personal agent. With the market saturated with traditional insurance advertisements, breaking through the noise to capture the attention of this demographic was a significant hurdle.


Michael Godshall, Creative Director at Translation LLC, recognized the need for a fresh approach to marketing insurance. Leveraging the popularity and influence of basketball icon LeBron James, we proposed a strategic partnership between State Farm and LeBron James to create authentic and relatable content aimed at the younger demographic.


We led the development of innovative campaigns and a dedicated microsite that highlighted the partnership between State Farm and LeBron James. The campaigns focused on telling authentic stories that resonated with the target audience, emphasizing the importance of having an insurance agent while integrating LeBron James' persona and influence seamlessly. By collaborating closely with State Farm's marketing team and leveraging Translation LLC's creative expertise, We ensured that the campaigns maintained the integrity of both the State Farm brand and LeBron James' personal brand.


The commercial, strategically launched at the start of the NBA season, featured LeBron James in scenarios that showcased the benefits of having a State Farm insurance agent, effectively capturing the attention of the target demographic during one of the most anticipated moments in sports.


The partnership between State Farm and LeBron James yielded remarkable results. The innovative campaigns and microsite generated significant buzz and engagement among the targeted younger demographic. Metrics such as increased website traffic, social media interactions, and positive brand sentiment indicated the success of the partnership in reaching and resonating with the desired audience.

Furthermore, the campaign contributed to a notable increase in brand awareness and consideration among the younger demographic, ultimately driving growth in new policyholders for State Farm.



Our visionary approach to marketing, coupled with the strategic partnership between State Farm and LeBron James, proved to be a game-changer in the insurance industry. By crafting authentic and compelling narratives tailored to the interests and preferences of the younger demographic, the collaboration successfully bridged the gap between insurance and popular culture.

The State Farm-LeBron James partnership serves as a prime example of how innovative marketing strategies can revolutionize traditional industries, effectively engaging new audiences and driving tangible business results. Through creativity, authenticity, and strategic partnerships, companies can navigate evolving consumer landscapes and establish meaningful connections with their target demographic.

Bonus Success

The success achieved through the collaboration between LeBron James and State Farm captivated the intended younger audience and piqued the interest of industry giants like McDonald’s. Bolstered by the reputation of the agency, led by Steve Stoute and Michael Godshall, this leadership served as a beacon of innovation, attracting McDonald’s attention and prompting them to seek out a show-stopping Super Bowl commercial.

The commercial itself, featuring LeBron James and Dwight Howard in a reimagining of a classic McDonald's advertisement, captured the essence of the original while infusing it with contemporary flair. The dynamic between James and Howard, coupled with the homage to the iconic Larry Bird-Michael Jordan showdown, resonated with audiences and further solidified LeBron James' status as a marketing powerhouse.

The success of these marketing endeavors not only elevated the visibility and brand perception of McDonald's but also positioned LeBron James as a sought-after figure in the advertising world. The collaboration between McDonald's and LeBron James stands as a testament to the effectiveness of strategic partnerships and innovative storytelling in driving engagement, brand loyalty, and business growth in the competitive landscape of modern marketing.

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