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Mercedes-Benz | Zync

Mercedes-Benz | Zync

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In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, Zync Software, in collaboration with Golden Goat Creative, is revolutionizing in-car entertainment. Traditional systems have struggled to keep pace with consumer expectations, prompting a demand for innovative solutions that transcend conventional audio-visual experiences.



Outdated Systems: Existing in-car entertainment systems fail to meet evolving consumer demands for connectivity, interactivity, and personalization.
Limited Engagement: The lack of multi-sensory engagement beyond visual and auditory experiences leaves drivers and passengers wanting more from their in-car entertainment.


Immersive Experiences: Zync's software offers immersive, multi-sensory experiences that go beyond conventional entertainment systems.

Seamless Integration: The software seamlessly integrates with cutting-edge operating systems, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.

Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with industry leaders like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and VW.  Zync delivers next-level in-car entertainment solutions that redefine the driving experience.

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GGC Role

Development Leadership: As the creative director, Michael Godshall spearheads the development of the in-car entertainment system, leveraging their expertise in design and user experience.

Narratives: Golden Goat Creative crafts compelling narratives that captivate both brands and consumers, enhancing the overall in-car entertainment experience.


New Revenue Streams: The integration of Zync's software opens new revenue streams for manufacturers and content creators, tapping into the growing demand for premium in-car entertainment experiences.

Increased Brand Visibility: Partnering with Zync enhances brand visibility and fosters deeper consumer engagement for automotive brands, driving brand loyalty and affinity.

Enhanced Mobility: The future holds the promise of enhanced mobility and entertainment experiences, shaping the way we perceive and interact with vehicles.

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