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Golden Goat Creative offers customizable programs that connect with audiences, brand ethos, and personal experiences. Through strategic partnerships and innovative approaches, they make a meaningful impact in the creative education space while enhancing brands' reputations and social responsibility.



The challenge was to create an immersive and transformative educational experience that would resonate with aspiring creatives worldwide. Golden Goat Creative aimed to develop a program that not only honored Travis Scott's artistic journey but also empowered students to think critically and independently about design disruption.


Golden Goat Creative crafted an innovative asynchronous program that seamlessly integrated industry-leading insights with hands-on projects, offering students a unique journey through the creative industry. The program's cornerstone was its collaboration with insiders—key players within the Cactus Jack crew and industry experts—who shared invaluable knowledge and perspectives.



Curriculum Development: Leveraging their expertise in online education, Golden Goat Creative collaborated closely with Travis Scott and the Cactus Jack Foundation to develop a comprehensive curriculum that encompassed fashion, music, and design.


Insider Insights: Through engaging video interviews and interactive assignments, students had the opportunity to learn directly from industry insiders, gaining a deeper understanding of the creative process and the ethos behind the Cactus Jack brand.


Hands-On Projects: The program challenged students to apply their learning to real-world projects, fostering creativity and independent thinking. Students were encouraged to explore the concept of 'design disruption' and develop their unique artistic voice.


Scholarship Opportunity: As a highlight of the program, students had the chance to submit their final projects for consideration for the Fashion Scholarship fund, with the opportunity to win a ten thousand dollar scholarship to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), providing a pathway for aspiring creatives to pursue higher education.


Empowered Students: The Travis Scott Design Ethos program empowered students to explore their creativity and develop critical thinking skills, inspiring them to pursue careers in the creative industry.


Positive Impact: By providing free education opportunities and scholarships, the program made a meaningful impact on students' lives, particularly those who lacked resources for traditional higher education.


Brand Recognition: Cactus Jack and Travis Scott garnered positive PR and social presence, enhancing their reputation as leaders in creative education and social responsibility.



Through the Travis Scott Design Ethos program, Golden Goat Creative redefined online creative education, offering students a transformative journey through the worlds of fashion, design, and music. By leveraging industry insights and hands-on projects, the program empowered aspiring creatives to think critically and independently, paving the way for the next generation of innovators.

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