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Equinox Fitness, led by CEO Harvey Spevak, faced the challenge of revamping its online presence through video content. Hiring our team, they shifted focus from conventional fitness routines to showcasing the prowess of Equinox instructors, resulting in viral videos like Briohny Smyth's yoga video, which garnered over 15 million views and positioned Equinox as a pioneering force in the industry, redefining fitness content and inspiring deeper engagement among viewers.



Equinox Fitness, a leading fitness brand, sought to enhance its online presence and brand strategy through innovative video content. However, the CEO, Harvey Spevak, expressed a dislike for conventional fitness videos, presenting a unique challenge to GGC team.


GGC proposed a novel approach: rather than focusing solely on exercise routines, they suggested showcasing the exceptional talent, passion, and beauty of Equinox athletes. By highlighting the athletes' prowess and dedication, the aim was to inspire viewers to engage with fitness on a deeper level. GGC's strategy aimed to create a visual style that not only aligned with Equinox's brand but also set it apart in the fitness industry.



Under GGC's direction, Equinox partnered with DSTLLRY to produce a series of fitness and lifestyle videos. These videos were meticulously crafted to embody the brand's vision while reimagining the typical fitness video format. From showcasing astonishing athletic feats to incorporating subtle elements of voyeurism, each video aimed to captivate and motivate viewers in a way that transcended traditional fitness content.


One standout video from the series featured Equinox trainer Briohny Smyth, demonstrating yoga poses with grace and strength. This video garnered significant attention, accumulating over 15 million views and winning the 2012 IAC Outstanding Online Video Award. Its unconventional approach sparked both controversy and inspiration, solidifying Equinox's position as an innovator in the fitness industry.



Through GGC's creative vision and strategic direction, Equinox Fitness successfully redefined fitness video content, setting a new standard for the industry. By focusing on the athletes' extraordinary abilities and leveraging distinctive visual elements, Equinox not only enhanced its online presence but also inspired countless individuals to engage with fitness in a profound and meaningful way. This case study highlights the power of innovation and creativity in reshaping brand perception and driving impactful results in the digital age.

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