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Executive Creative Director

Michael Godshall

Yellowbrick is a global leader in online education for the Creator Economy and career exploration in the Arts, Media, Sports, and Entertainment industries. The company develops exciting, accessible online programs in collaboration with top brands and world-renowned universities. Many key influencers in media and culture participate as instructors on the platform; including some of the world’s top entertainment industry professionals connected through Yellowbrick’s recent acquisition of Animation Mentor. Backed by Sony Innovation Fund, University Ventures, Condé Nast, and others, the company’s mission is to help a new generation of talent discover, pursue, and advance career paths that are aligned with the things they love.

During Michael’s 8 years at Yellowbrick, he first gained the trust of top-tier university partners with his new approach to reaching students by collaborating with aligned brands to integrate them into courses to offer students a real look into their areas of interest. He married the educational content with a fresh look above industry standards to feel authentic and offer a higher level, more dynamic, learning experience than past online programs.

As Chief Creative Officer, Michael was responsible for all design and creative management functions at Yellowbrick, including all digital and marketing assets, the visual design of the university LMS and direction/production of all video content. He built and managed the creative team of Art Directors, Editors, Producers, Developers, and Instructional Designers to successfully launch over 20 online courses and related marketing content for industry-leading brands and university partners including Parsons, FIT, NYU, Columbia School of Business, Apple, Teen Vogue, Reebok, New Balance, and many others. Over the last two years, he designed and built out two fully remote video studios in NYC and Los Angeles, reinventing the way content could be produced and reducing time to market. As a founding partner, he has had a hands-on role to every aspect of Yellowbrick’s creative development and growth.

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